In the Spring of 2002, Chris Thomas and I enjoyed many discussions about the book of Revelation. To inspire Chris in the writing of his commentary I decided to try my hand at making a stained glass representation of Revelation. After much prayer and meditation on the book, I came up with this design that attempts to capture both the linear and non-linear aspects of the book. I began work in August 2002 and finished in November. The background colors of the window represent the four sections of the book of Revelation which are marked by the recurring phrase ‘in the Spirit’. The window’s depiction of each section approximates the size of each section in the text. The blue area with the seven stars stands for the first section and symbolizes  John’s vision of Jesus with the seven stars in his hand (Revelation 1-3). The red portion of the window covers Revelation 4-16 and includes the rainbow that John sees above the throne of God, the lamb, the scroll with seven seals, the two witnesses ascending to heaven (light blue and white glass), the woman clothed with the sun and the serpent who tried to devour her man child. The green part of the window represents Rev. 17.1-21.8 and begins with the bottomless pit from which comes the beast, and continues with the seven mountains upon which sits the great whore. The sword coming from the clouds symbolizes the return of Jesus as victor (Rev. 19.11-16). Finally, the gold section of the glass represents Rev. 21.9-22.21, with the tree of life (leaves) and the river of life (blue glass). In the center is the alpha and omega (Rev. 1.8, 11; 22.6, 13). It is appropriate that the alpha and the omega should occupy the very center of the window, since he is the center of the Revelation. Finally, the center section lies within a stylized version of the ICHTHUS, the sign of the fish.

The Apocalypse Stained Glass Window

The stained glass window above the door depicts the Apocalypse and was created by Lee Roy Martin.

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